ASA-DC 2020 Virtual Acousti-STEAM Contest !

The Washington DC Regional Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America,

Invites your High School Group or Club to Participate in the

 2022 ASA-DC Acoustic VIRTUAL STEAM Contest!

Win up to $150 in Prizes!

Entries are due Thursday May 5, 2022, 11:59am , via E-Mail.

The Washington DC Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA-DC) invites your school science club or class team to participate in the 3rd Acoustic STEAM Contest.  Your club or class could win a $150 prize!

The Acoustic STEAM event is open to any public, charter, and private high school groups in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.  Your group will compete in creating an acoustics video using instruments made by students, using only basic raw-materials (no instrument kits or partially modified instruments are allowed).  First place winner will receiver $150, and second place is $100.  Entries are to be submitted via an email link to a Youtube video that is shared with the public.  All entry links will be shared online

Acoustics STEAM Contest Rules:  Contestants are asked to create a music video that involves team-made musical instruments to create the sounds.  The device or instruments must be created using basic raw materials, such as Kinex, rubber bands, PVC pipes, cardboard tubes (from paper towels or toilet paper), jars, soda bottles, sharp scissors, colored paper, magic markers, rubber balls, plastic containers, tin cans, duct tape, boxes, buckets, jars, pieces of wood, string, wire, or other materials or tools commonly found around the home.  The home-made instruments must create all of the music in the video.  Groups must record the motion and song by video and upload the file to Youtube with a public link. The recorded videos will be used for judging.  There is no limit on the number of teams entering the contest, and multiple team entries from a school are allowed.  Only one entry per team, and students may each participate in only one team.  Create your video then mix and synchronize them with an app or laptop.

Examples of possible instruments making music can be found online at: ,

Examples of how to make simple musical instruments can be found at:  , or and or .

Students or teachers are also  encouraged to download and use a phone-based music tuning app.

PRIOR ENTRIES / WINNERS can be viewed on Youtube at:



Judging/ Scoring: The entries will be linked to the chapter web site, and the competition will be scored by ASA-DC member volunteers by completing a score sheet and emailing it to Dr. David Lechner ( ) by the deadline.  The winner will be announced via email after the chapter’s spring meeting.  Scoring criteria will be the summation of music creation (up to 25 points), synchronicity (up to 25 points), musical tone quality (up to 20 added points if sound is created by the team), song complexity (up to 15 points), and visual impact and beauty (up to 15 points), for a total of 100 points.

Prizes:  ASA-DC is sponsoring this event.  First place team will receive $150, second place prize is $100.

TO REGISTER:  Please RSVP to Dave Lechner (

Additional Information:

ASA-DC Chapter Facebook:

ASA-DC Chapter Twitter:  @ASAChapterDC

Photography:  All participants agree that their photographic images and video may be used in publicity about this event and presentations about STEAM and acoustic education, and may be posted on the ASA-DC Regional Chapter web site or magazine pages.  Individual student last-names will not be posted with the event photos, and facebook face tagging will not be used.